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This is the official website of teen novelist and inspirational author Bethanny Lawson. Check out the blog for upcoming titles, new releases, Bethanny's Book Reviews, and more. If you want to contact her, there's a page for that too. Everything goes straight to Bethanny, not through anyone else. If you want to learn more about the author, the inspiration and purpose of each book, what she does, and why she does it, visit the page The Brains Behind the Books. Thanks for stopping by! Your support means the world.

Current Project: Ruination of Light

     Legends of Heretrua: Ruination of Light is set to release on June 1, 2018! Watch the official book trailer for all the details.

     The second book in Bethanny's "Legends of Heretrua" series is a prequel to "Rulers of Light." She plans to make it her second book in print and it will be available on Amazon soon. Read more about it and keep an eye out for release days at The Brains Behind the Books.