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Teaser for Rulers of Light Sequel

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Nikolai wandered the backyard aimlessly, as had become his habit over the past two years. Every night, without fail, Nik could be found in solitude and thought.

Having a missing sister was far worse than having a dead one.

At least if Evelyn was dead they would have had time to mourn and say goodbye. They would know where she was. They would know whether or not she was safe. They would have some way of visiting her.

But, as far as they knew, Evelyn wasn't dead. She was just gone.

The gardens had always done a good job of blocking out reality. Nik retreated to the back of them and sat down on a stone of the walkway.

Two years. Two years she had been gone, and Nik still had no more peace about it than the first day she never came home.

Nik started tugging on the weeds. It helped quiet his raging mind. He worked all the way to the back corner. It had obviously been a while since anyone had been this far. Black vines covered everything.

Nik crawled in and grabbed a vine.

$20 Amazon Gift Certificate Giveaway

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2015-16 LoH New Year's Special

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     Hello everybody! To celebrate the new year of 2016, I am releasing a special diary entry from Ren, Jacquelyn, and Ty's mother, which takes place a few years before the events in my book, Legend of Heretrua: Rulers of Light. I must warn you, it will mean a lot more and you will catch a few extra small details if you've already read the book, but whether you've read any fiction of mine before or not, I hope you enjoy this, along with the new year ahead of us!

     Raising Heretrua's next generation of rulers is not always the serious task people may take it to be. More often than not, it's chaotic and insane in the castle trying to raise three children to be wise and responsible while managing not to quench their spirits or rob them of their childhood. It's also the most exhilarating and fulfilling thing I can imagine doing.

     Already they each bring such unique things to the table. Two of my children are so very like myself in that they are generally more reserved and quiet. Then there's my little fireball.

     Even though he's only three, Ty is already our monster slayer. He never tires of playing knight and dragon with his grandfather. Sometimes he drags his sister along to play the princess.

     It's funny how even though they're already royalty they still play at it. Children imagining the great adventures they will have as adults, imitating their parents. Father fills their heads with stories he insists to be true, stories of his daring stunts and events from his own past, himself as the main character. When a person is as full of winks, jokes, and mirth as my father is it is hard to decipher which tales to believe. Even so, the time he takes off from his duties as king for his grandchildren is time with him they desperately need, an example and future for them to look forward to as it will some day be their own.

     Ty especially relishes this time. Those two have a special bond. Ty admires the boldness and charisma of his grandfather and imitates him constantly, whether in the faces he makes, the phrases he uses, or anything else. They share a thirst for adventure, even danger. My husband jokes that “Virgo will knight the boy before he's five.”

     Jacquelyn and Ren are starting to discover how to use their magic. Jacquelyn sometimes tugs on Ren's sleeve and he'll follow her to their hiding place to practice making beautiful spirals and images in the air. They know as well as I do that as soon as their younger brother learns to use magic, it will be war and chaos among the three. Ty will likely skip straight to weaponizing his magic to play tricks on his siblings, and play time will gain a new intensity of the best kind.

     On the topic of children imitating their parents (or grandparents) Ren has become his father's shadow. It warms my heart to watch my son follow his father everywhere he goes, and I know my husband loves that Ren wants to be with him and learn what he does.

     After mother passed, father felt overwhelmed by life. My husband takes the place of second in command and father trusts him enough to let him share an equal load. It makes life easier for us all by easing pressure and allowing more time for family. It's healing for father to be away from his duties with people he loves.

     Ren knows he's next in line for the throne after his father, and takes it very seriously. He has the quiet courage of a true ruler already. It's so funny to watch his little brow furrow as he tries to understand the problems brought to his father and tries even harder to understand the answer. Sometimes he doesn't understand, doesn't even agree, and he's not afraid to talk about it. He's changed my husband's mind on several occasions. You'd think he was an old soul trapped in the body of a child, but sometimes the innocent perspective of a child is simply more accurate than the wisdom of experienced men.

     Besides that, when Ren is with Ty, he is absolutely a child. Ty brings out all the mischief and energy his brother possesses. It's always a wild guess during games as to if the teams will be Ren and his father against Ty and his grandfather or if the boys will face the men. The funniest part is that it's also impossible to tell which pairing is more likely to win.

     Ren thinks his father is the greatest ruler there ever was. He's in awe of him. Of course, I've often felt the same. After all, he is my husband. But when he comes and tells me about Ren's questions, about how mature he is in conversation, I see a glow of excitement in his eyes that rarely appears for anything else. He tells me our son will be the greatest king of all three in our family. He couldn't be more proud.

     It's sad to think we'll never get to see Ren as king. If he wears the crown, it will mean we're already gone. It's a joy to imagine it now anyways, and we will get to watch him grow into manhood. To know that we are investing in our realm's future king is an amazing thing. I can't wait to watch him begin to take his place in life.

     It's amazing that father has energy to keep up with Ty long after his siblings have given up. For Ty, life is an adventure. For the other two, it is sometimes sober. Jacquelyn came to me in tears today after accidentally stepping on a grasshopper during their game in the meadow. She carried the insect all the way back to me because she felt so guilty for taking its life and felt like it deserved a proper funeral.

     Ty was upset at his game being interrupted, but Ren helped with preparations and even wrote a little speech. Ty did attend, with a tiny sword he'd made from a twig. He stuck it in the dirt at the head of the grasshopper's grave and assured Jacquelyn that it had died with honor as a soldier in battle. The children did all of this with utmost seriousness, which only made it harder for me not to laugh.

     They're our future, my children. I see in their day to day lives and activities, the seemingly pointless things, what they will become. I am so excited for the future of our realm, so happy for the people who will live in the time of their reign. My children are already the rulers of my world; my little rulers of light.

Why I Write

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I started writing for fun. It was a pleasant pastime for an avid reader with a broad imagination. Now that I am older, striving to make a career for myself out of my passion and abilities, I realize that writing is exhilarating, draining, emotionally fired work—but it is not simply “fun.”

When I stopped being able to walk into the library and find something profitable to read, I decided to get serious about writing. There seemed to be few modern books worth picking up off the shelves. I knew there should be more to fiction than what I could find. Humans, even and especially younger humans, were designed to have a more sophisticated imagination than that. We were designed to appreciate truth, goodness, and beauty.

Readers deserve better than what they are getting in our current culture. I write for adults and youth alike to enjoy. I also want parents to feel safe handing my books to their children. I chose to write fantasy because it is timeless and transcends the barriers of age and class. It can unify people because, truly, it's beyond anyone's grasp.

The books I wanted to read didn't exist... so I wrote them.