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Broken Banners, by Mark Gelineau and Joe King (Book Review)

Posted by Bethanny Lawson on February 11, 2016 at 5:25 PM


     "Slaughtered and left for crows, soldiers of the King’s Army lay dead in a field. A grim reminder: the king’s law ends at the gates of the capital.


     Elinor fought for what she believed and now she is an outcast. No soldier will follow her. No officer will stand with her. Yet when she finds her brothers and sisters slaughtered, she cannot turn her back on them.


     Long ago, they swore an oath. Not to the king, but to each other.


     And woe to those who break that bond."

     Short Summary: I cannot think of a single thing wrong with this book. Breathtaking action, engaging plot, believable characters, and realistic emotion. There is some pretty brutal violence, but it adds to the story in ways that are absolutely necessary. If that doesn't scare you off, you need to read this book!

     Full Review: This book is incredibly captivating. From the moment you pick it up to the minute you set it down, the story wraps you up and won't let you go. I read the whole thing in one sitting. The characters are beautifully created. It's easy to feel like you know them pretty quickly, even though we don't get long explanations of their back story or descriptions of their character. The plot was equally well-spun. The fast pace of the book kept my interest peaked and pulled off real emotion in the midst of engaging action. I have not read the first book, but I could follow this story easily anyway. I certainly want to go back and read the first one after how good this book was!

     Elinor's strength is admirable and refreshing. Her ability to not only believe in and attempt crazy things, but to actually get them done and get them done well is something not often done so well through a character, let alone a female character.

     This book makes you think, and you have to pay attention or you'll get lost, but it's not difficult enough to be intimidating. I was always waiting to learn more, always guessing as to what would happen, to what people were going to do, or trying to figure out along with other characters exactly what the truth was about what had already happened.

     Not only were the characters wonderful all on their own, but the relationships between the characters were diverse and endearing. Con's trust in Elinor and his willingness to follow her wherever she led was a beautiful show of loyalty and the relationship felt deep without degrading the seriousness of the story with “puppy love.” He was strong on his own, too, but you could see that Elinor had earned his undivided loyalty, and that meant a lot.

     As for Elinor and Aldris' relationship, it was pleasantly mysterious. I was a little nervous when romance was hinted at, but it was very short and subtle. So many good stories have been ruined by unnecessary romance. This is not one of them. I look forward to watching the relationship develop more in future books.

     This book was packed with emotion and the story was breathtaking. I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't scared of a little violence.

     Overall Rating: 5

I recieved this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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