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The Struggle: Mom and the Summertime Blues

Posted by Bethanny Lawson on June 26, 2016 at 6:20 PM

     "The story of four sisters-Diamond, Shelia, Crystal, and Felicity who dread their summer break because of their mom. A timely and hilarious read told through the eyes and voice of adolescent authors about their perspective of Mom's summertime "fun".


     Young readers will empathize with the youthful perspective of parents and “their ways”. Parents will enjoy reading about the feelings of the four girls in the story, nodding in agreement from the beginning to the end. The entire family will enjoy this book. Instead of those great summer trips and long lazy days of summer, the four sisters complain about having to eat healthy and exercise, do homework and chores, and more. Throughout the book the girls tell of important life lessons taught by their parents. These lessons are told in a comical way."

Short Summary: This is a fun, lighthearted read, written by a family that people will relate to.

Full Review: This is a book written mostly from the perspective of four kids, all different ages, and their differing viewpoints and thoughts make for a unique reading experience. As someone who comes from a family of six kids, it was fun to see and relate to how another family a lot like mine operates.
     Each individual child's personality shines through, as does how their placement in the family (oldest child, middle child, youngest child) effected them. It was especially fun to see how, even though this family doesn't deny that they have faults and disagreements, they do truly love each other. It was realistic.
     The human brain naturally focuses more on the negative than the positive. I would say this book redeemed any negativity in it by how the siblings made a point to point out their love for each other and find good as well as bad and through the conclusion by the mother. However, there were a few times when I felt as though there was a bit too much complaining or focus on problems that didn't seem logical. But then again, isn't that how life is? This book could be used as a mirror through which families can see themselves more clearly. The best writing usually does just that.
     If it wasn't for the last chapter written from the perspective of the mom, I probably wouldn't have liked the book as much, but as it is, it shows how perspective is everything. Look at the same thing through two different pairs of eyes and it will be like looking at two entirely different things. Having so many different voices in this book helped make that clear.
     Overall, this was a really good book for kids and families. There were a few errors and places where the writing style could have been more clear, but I think kids who read this book will enjoy it a lot and think to themselves over and over again "I feel the same way!"

Overall Rating: 4

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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