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Always Looking Up, by Madison Clark

Posted by Bethanny Lawson on July 1, 2016 at 6:40 PM

     "Madison Clark is a mountain of a woman in a little person's body who never lets her short stature stand in the way of her giant spirit. Though uniquely created, she has learned to tackle physical and emotional challenges, fight for her beliefs, and show others that she can do anything they can do-just in a different way. Clark shares an inspiring story about what life is like for a woman who cannot reach a drinking fountain, needs help selecting items higher than the second shelf in a store, and is towered over by a typical fourth grader. While shining a spotlight on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of living with dwarfism, Clark reveals how she has persevered through it all with a never-give-up attitude and a refusal to be excluded that ultimately transforms ignorance into acceptance. In this moving and informative memoir, an ordinary girl living an almost ordinary life embraces her uniqueness and demonstrates that no matter what our challenges, it is up to each of us to determine our own happiness."

Short Summary: In a world that is often brutal and hard to navigate, people are in dire need of positive role models. Madi is an amazing person with an amazing story that everyone needs to hear.

Full Review: I loved reading Madi's memoir! The story of her life is so inspiring. It kept me up late every night because I simply couldn't put it down.
     Madi is a shining example of how to face life's problems and never let them defeat you. She retains her optimism through even the toughest of circumstances. Though she doesn't deny how hard things can get sometimes, she seems to always be able to turn it around for good.
     Reading Madi's life story is like talking with a good friend. I couldn't help but love her and her personality from the very first page.
     Madi encourages and equips people of all different walks of life to make it through whatever this world throws at them. She's shown us that she can do it, and that we can do it, and that anybody can do it. She also educates her readers on dwarfism, how it effects people who have it and the people around them, the different forms it comes in, and so much more. She brings to light how cruel people can be at times, often without any real cause. But while she leaves readers without excuse to change their own character and behaviour, she is ever kind and teaches out of a loving heart.
     In summary, even though it's not likely I'll ever get to meet Madi in person, getting to know her through her book was an honor and a joy. She has impacted my life for the better, and I think everyone could benefit greatly from reading her book.

Overall Rating: 5

*I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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