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Love Letters

Posted by Bethanny Lawson on December 21, 2017 at 11:55 AM

I'm not allowed to read my parent's love letters.

There have been a few times, when we're rearranging furniture or moving to a new home, when my mom will pull the letters out. All of us kids know what they are. We tend to flock when she gets them out, like our chickens do when they hear us shake their food bag. She'll read them, and we'll read the envelopes, because that's all we're allowed to read. They're quite hilarious. My parents rarely used their real names on the envelopes, it was always nicknames, some so outlandish the post office rejected them.

It's incredible to me that my parents still have those letters. They lived in an age where love letters were a primary form of communication. As a kid, it made me upset that I wasn't allowed to read them. Now though, I understand that love letters are surely deeply personal, a treasure that will hold value, that someone cherishes and takes care of, no matter how yellow or faded the paper and ink become.

I've always said, despite the ability to communicate instantly these days, I want to find a guy who will write love letters back and forth with me. I mean, c'mon, you know it sounds adorable.

I know exactly what I'd do with those letters, too.

I'd keep every last one of them. I'd probably read over them every day. I'd leave tear stains on the heart-wrenchingly sweet parts, blush over the areas that talk about how they see me, I'd giggle over our pet names. I'd cherish them, keep them where they're easily accessible. In fact, I might leave them open all the time. After all, what if I see them in passing on the table and just have to pick them up to read a few lines and be renewed by my love?

I'd read and re-read my favorite sections, especially the parts that would say things like “I miss you, and I can't wait to come back and see you.” I'd hold them to my chest when I finished reading and think “I can't believe someone like this thinks all these wonderful things about me.”

I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it.

Oh, the significance of a love letter. How I hope to experience that joy someday. How I long for the time I get to have the delight I've described above.

But wait... I already have.

That's right, mom. I have a collection of love letters sitting on my desk. And they are precious. And they do give me goosebumps. And they do give me a thousand emotions I'll never be able to describe because they're too beautiful.

You can come ground me now.

You could say I'm head over heels for the guy. And the best thing is, I think he's even more head over heels for me.

I'm not kidding. This is not a joke. I just thought it was confession time. How can I contain something this good? I don't even mind if my mom does panic and goes to my desk to read this collection of mine for herself. I'm in love. I can't write so authentically about something I've never experienced before.

I'm being treated like gold. I'm being called perfect, beautiful, wanted, and so many more things. And believe me, I've got some amazing things to call him, too. Things like wonderful, mighty, everlasting, and Abba Father.

I hope I've succeeded in at least mildly freaking some people out, even if most of you probably know me well enough to have been suspicious this whole time. But think about it. We call the Bible God's love letter to us, but do we treat it like it really is? What if we did?

Let me repeat some of the things I said earlier, but apply it to the Bible this time and let it sink in deep.

What if we read over it every single day? What if we left tear stains on the heart-wrenchingly sweet parts, blush over the areas God talks about how He sees us, giggle over the things He calls us? What if we cherished it, kept it where it's easily accessible? What if we left it open all the time, so we can read it when we pass by and be renewed by God's love? What if we read and re-read our favorite sections, especially the part that says He misses us, and He's coming back for us?

What if we held it to our chest when we finish reading it and think “I can't believe someone like this thinks all these wonderful things about me?”

Are you getting the butterflies yet?

It's a beautiful thing when people write love letters to each other. They say and feel all these things about each other in their letters. It touches the heart on a level unattainable by any others. So how much deeper it is to be that loved by the creator of the heavens.

I am guilty of looking at the Bible as nothing more than a book. I've thought it boring, long, hard to understand. But today I'm seeing it through new eyes.

That book sitting on my desk is full of incredible promises and praises and love notes and encouragement and belief and power I will never deserve. I am unfathomably loved. It's an unnatural love, one that makes me laugh, blush, cry, gasp, sing, and re-read every single day.

And it's a love you can have, too.

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