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Teaser for Rulers of Light Sequel

Posted by Bethanny Lawson on December 16, 2016 at 1:05 AM

Nikolai wandered the backyard aimlessly, as had become his habit over the past two years. Every night, without fail, Nik could be found in solitude and thought.

Having a missing sister was far worse than having a dead one.

At least if Evelyn was dead they would have had time to mourn and say goodbye. They would know where she was. They would know whether or not she was safe. They would have some way of visiting her.

But, as far as they knew, Evelyn wasn't dead. She was just gone.

The gardens had always done a good job of blocking out reality. Nik retreated to the back of them and sat down on a stone of the walkway.

Two years. Two years she had been gone, and Nik still had no more peace about it than the first day she never came home.

Nik started tugging on the weeds. It helped quiet his raging mind. He worked all the way to the back corner. It had obviously been a while since anyone had been this far. Black vines covered everything.

Nik crawled in and grabbed a vine.

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